Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Where on (Google) Earth #56

I found the pink caldera on the China/North Korean border, so it's my turn to post something.

Brian suggested that people wait until they're allowed to post the answer (by the Schott Rule - to wait an hour for every WoGE round you have won). His argument was that people wouldn't even bother trying if they knew the puzzle had already been solved. I'm not going to invoke that rule - personally, I like looking for the places because I learn new things about parts of the world that I will probably never visit. (For instance, I didn't know there were any volcanoes where the last puzzle was located.) And a lot of time I look but don't answer, because I'm too late, or because I'm too busy to take on the next round.

Anyway. If you have feelings one way or another, please mention them in the comments - even if you don't solve the puzzle. (Or especially if you don't solve the puzzle.)

And with that said... here's the next image. It's an oblique view.

The Schott Rule is in effect. (That is, wait an hour for every Wo(G)E round you have won.)


Unknown said...

I have only recently found out what the Schott rule was so I guess I shouldn't worry about it.

Latitude: N 35.507°
Longitude: W 120.057°

It's the San Andreas Fault. The colors of the image reminded me of the first field trip I had in California.

Anonymous said...

dang...that was fast

Kim said...

You've got it, Zoltan - and you're next!

(And everyone else can guess what my intro class is talking about this week, since I'm hunting for pictures of faults...)

Kim said...

The next round of Where on (Google) Earth (#57) is up at Hindered Settling.