Monday, March 2, 2009


I'm looking at my blogrolls in preparation for some changes, and I realized that I haven't listed a lot of blogs I read. (Chris Rowan's geoblogosphere feed is great for me, but not so great for people who are chasing links from blog to blog.)

Anyway, if you want me to link to you, and you don't see your blog name on my sidebar, please leave a comment. Especially if I've been linking to your posts and commenting on your blog, and somehow I've managed to forget to add you to my public list.

Networking opportunity for women in atmospheric science and meteorology

Via the Association for Women Geoscientists e-mail newsletter:

Are you a woman interested in atmospheric science or meteorology? The Desert Research Institute and the National Science Foundation are sponsoring a program called ASCENT (Atmospheric Science Collaborations and Enriching NeTworks), designed to connect women faculty and post-docs with one another. It's an opportunity for networking and making professional connections, during a three-day workshop in Steamboat Springs, Colorado this June.

From their website:

Atmospheric Science Collaborations and Enriching NeTworks (ASCENT) is a program focusing on women in atmospheric science/meteorology and is designed to initiate positive professional relationships among female faculty of different ranks and postdoctoral researchers. The program consists of a three-day summer workshop with follow-up reunion events at major national meetings. While networking with like-minded women scientists, participants will have the opportunity to be involved in frank discussions to explore specific promising practices toward eliminating the "leaky pipeline", defined by the attrition of women at different stages in their academic careers. By fostering relationships among women faculty and researchers, ASCENT will develop research opportunities and improve the quality of collaborative atmospheric research conducted at multiple universities and colleges.

The workshop will also accept two female high school teachers and two female high school students. The application deadline is March 15.