Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Tonight's bedtime story was Where the Wild Things Are. My five-year-old is beginning to read words, so he wanted me to show him the words on the cover.

They're all in capital letters:


"That's shouting," my son said.

"Huh?" I said. I mean, there was some shouting earlier (thus the book), but we hadn't been shouting right then.

"The letters. That means shouting."

"Did your dad tell you that, or did you learn it at school?"

"My teacher told me. All capital letters means shouting."

They're teaching netiquette in kindergarten. (Maybe he'll learn not to feed the trolls, too. Either that, or they will start making LOLcats in art class.)


Silver Fox said...


Kim said...

"Don't take candy from strangers" becomes "Don't give your bank account information to MR. SOMEBODY from NIGERIA."

ScienceWoman said...

They better not do lolcats in art class unless the cats use proper grammar. We can't be teaching them how to wreck grammar and spelling without teaching them to use it correctly in the first place. Otherwise, it's just not funny.

Can you imagine grading college papers of students who since age 5 have been doing lolcats?

Geology Happens said...

Above all, That is a great book!

The Ridger, FCD said...

That's a perfect opportunity to teach register, that's all. Which most college and high school students understand very well.

Amusingly, my capcha word sounds lolcattish: flyses. Well, that or Gollumish.

Cindy Martinez said...

My kindergartener came home with a note last week that said "We are teaching family education in class, and would appreciate it if you began using this approved list of names for parts of the male and female bodies at home". Sex Ed? Netiquette? Kindergarten has sure changed since I was 5!