Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The pre-K guide to saving the Earth

I'm working on a real geology Earth Day post for the next Accretionary Wedge, but in case I don't manage to finish it by tomorrow, here's some advice on saving the planet from my preschooler.

My son's daycare has been talking about Earth Day lately. He's brought his plastic Earth ball to show-and-tell, and he's been giving me lots of advice about what I can do to save the planet:

- Turn off the lights. (Check.)
- Plant things. (Bought drought-tolerant grass seed today, in yet another attempt to create a tiny patch of lawn. Not that it's green to be green in the desert, but a small patch in front of the south windows might help keep the house cool in summer.)
- Be a Power Ranger.

"Wait," I say. "How does being a Power Ranger help the Earth?"

"Power Rangers save the world from Bad Guys," he tells me. "Bad Guys want to destroy the Earth. So we should all be Power Rangers."

So there you have it. Environmental education for the pre-K set.

So if you'll excuse me, I think I have to go power up.

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