Saturday, July 14, 2007

Where on (Google) Earth #30

Sorry about being slow. Here's Where on (Google) Earth #30:

And here's an oblique view:

When you find it, tell me where it is, how you found it, and a little about the geology. I've turned off moderation on the comments, so if I'm away from the computer for most of a day (which is likely to happen), you can play through.

(Credit: Where on (Google) Earth is Brian's idea, and Ron has put together a site with all the previous locations (

And, yes, I decided that I might as well use my real name on this blog, since it wouldn't really be that hard to figure out who I am.


Ron Schott said...

It's a small, small world. My first reaction was to check out Pennsylvania for east-west trending valley and ridge topography. None of those ridges, however, were quite in the right orientation. I'd probably have taken a while to come up with another area to search, but for Yami's aborted WoGE #26a - which turns out to be just northwest of WoGE #30. And just like that... there it was.

And you know, I was just about to give up and call it a night, when the comment notification on my blog popped into my mailbox. I suppose I'll stay up and throw together #31.

Kim said...

That's what I get for going away and not looking at the WoGEs that I missed.

I want to know why the folds are all east-west trending there. It seemed like a weird orientation for structures in Mexico, but I know just enough about the tectonics of Central America to know they get complicated.

(I think I ran across those while skimming the Americas for the Deccan Traps, too, like Yami did.)

Ron Schott said...

Okay everyone, WoGE #31 is up. Go to it!