Sunday, October 19, 2008

Web resources for teaching with Google Earth

I just got an e-mail from Barb Tewksbury (actually, two e-mails; I'm on two mailing lists) telling about some new pages that she has added to SERC's Cutting Edge websites. She's been using Google Earth in Structure, and she's added a portal to collections of Google Earth teaching ideas (and great locations).

Teaching map interpretation with Google Earth
A collection of Google Earth mapping locations

There are a number of other Google Earth activities on SERC, too.

Given the fun of Where on Google Earth, plus Ron's expertise with imagery and experience using Google Earth in the classroom, and Chris Rowan's geopuzzles, I thought that the geoblogosphere might have some great ideas to add to the collection. (As for me, I've got a new Google Earth extra credit assignment this term; I give the students a latitude and longitude, and they have to tell me about it. I'm still working out the bugs, though, and I've got this immense intro class project that I still need to finish uploading to SERC before I try to write up anything new.)

Edit: I forgot about Hypo-theses' post about draping undergrad mapping projects onto landscapes in Google Earth. Neat stuff. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

That is an excellent resource.

Can I had my own humble contribution - google earth and undergraduate geological mapping

Kim said...

Yes, that's really cool. If you want to add it to SERC's collection, contact Barb. There are instructions on this page.
(Blogs are great for passing on word about stuff, but they aren't good as archives of ideas - having a good idea on a site that's searched by people teaching can be helpful.)

Henri Willox said...

Thanks for this very good links :o)

Greetings from Conakry (Guinea)