Monday, October 20, 2008

I've voted. Have you?

Colorado, like many other states, allows people to vote early, either by mail or at a special polling place. This year, the county clerks have been encouraging everyone to vote by early or by mail, because there is an incredibly long list of referendums, and they anticipate long lines on election day.

So I voted yesterday. (And the referendums really took forever to read.)

If you're voting by mail in Colorado, rumor has it that you need to put two stamps on the envelope or it will be returned. (That's what my local free weekly paper claims, at any rate.)

Now I just have to keep hanging up on robo-calls and push polls for a few more weeks. (Life in a swing state. Always exciting.)

Meanwhile, I've got to decide how to let students miss part (or all) of my field methods lab so they can stand in line. We're not allowed to campaign at work, but I don't think that excusing absences on election day is the same as campaigning.

(BTW, I am not at work now. Sitting at home and grading is working, but it doesn't count as state time if it's after 9 pm. And the computer is mine, not work's.)


Chuck said...

I know it is illegal for an employer to penalize people for voting, but I never even thought about a school doing that.

If the class isn't too big, it might be worth asking everyone if they need to vote during class time or have another option, and you can plan accordingly.

Chris said...

Why the USA continues to have its elections on a Tuesday is beyond me. Ours are always on a Saturday.

Anonymous said...

@Chris: Why the USA continues to have its elections on a Tuesday is beyond me.

Some of us are fighting to change that!

Kim, Virginia is experiencing something very similar both in terms of robo-calls/push polling and (more positively) encouragement to vote early or absentee. Interesting that both of these traditionally "red states" have become "battleground" states this election cycle...