Monday, July 21, 2008

Job opportunity: intro geology in Durango (adjunct)

Our longterm adjunct just got an offer he couldn't refuse to return to mining geology, so we're looking for someone to teach at Fort Lewis this academic year (fall and spring). He's currently scheduled to teach Earth Systems Science, Physical Geology, and an upper lever interdisciplinary general education course called Resources and the Environment during fall semester. (There's some flexibility in the courses - our Mineralogy prof is on sabbatical in the fall, so if you love to teach Mineralogy or into natural disasters for non-majors, mention it.) Our current adjunct has an M.S., so I think we would consider hiring people with M.S. degrees or higher. It will involve a lot of teaching, but could be a good job for a recent PhD who needs teaching experience, a recent M.S. who wants to check out academia, or anyone whose life goal is to live in Durango. (Ski! Snowboard! Kayak! Mountain bike! Rock climb! Soak in hot springs! Live surrounded by geology that looks like this and includes sedimentary rocks of all ages except Ordovician, old granites and gneisses, young volcanics, deformed metaconglomerates, gold, natural gas, coal, braided and meandering streams, several different types of mass movements, a couple glacial moraines... and that's only the stuff that we regularly use in teaching.)

If you're interested, send me an e-mail (shearsensibility AT gmail DOT com, or google my name and find my work e-mail), and I'll put you in touch with the department chair. (Adjunct hires generally don't involve formal job searches and ads, so we are searching our informal networks. And my informal network includes this blog.)


Anonymous said...

Is the adjunct position still available? If so, do you know what the salary/ dates/ hours will be?

Kim said...

We haven't hired anyone for the adjunct position yet. The salary would be negotiated with the administration (and I can't even give a ballpark figure, though my department chair might be able to).

There are a couple of possibilities for the schedule. One is to teach only during fall semester, which runs from September 1 to December 12, with a week off at Thanksgiving and a week of finals (12/15-12-19). after classes are over. The class schedule would be MWF 9:05-10:00, MWF 11:15-12:10, Tues/Thurs 9:30-10:50, and labs Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons (1:25-4:30). There's a little flexibility to shift things around (trade courses with other people in the department).

If you are interested, contact my department chair, Jim Collier. (Check the department web site for his e-mail address.)