Saturday, January 10, 2009

Scholarships and research support for students, undergrad and grad

Many geoscience organizations offer various scholarships and/or research grants to undergrads and/or grad students. I'm putting together a list for my students, and in my hunting, I've found lots of stuff for grad students, as well. So I'm going to post what I've found here, in case some of my readers are worried about funding their education next year.

I'm just going to list sources that have winter or spring application deadlines. Check the web sites for each organization for full details about application deadlines, qualifications, etc.

Scholarships (undergraduate and/or graduate students)

Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship
Up to $8000 scholarship for undergraduates majoring in a discipline area related to oceanic and atmospheric science, research, technology, or education. Deadline: January 30

AEG Scholarships
Several scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. Deadlines: February 1; April 15 (two different deadlines for two different scholarships)

AIPG Scholarship
$1000 to four undergraduate geological sciences majors. Note: some sections of AIPG also offer scholarships to students within their region. The Rocky Mountain section has a fall deadline. Deadline: February 15

Society of Economic Geologists Graduate Student Fellowships
Graduate student support for students studying economic geology. Deadline: February 15

NAGT Scholarships for Summer Field Courses
$500 towards the cost of an intensive field course. (The same application is used for the AWG Crawford Field Camp Scholarships.) Deadline: Feb. 16

Society for Exploration Geophysicists Foundation Scholarships
Variable funding for undergraduates and graduate students interested in pursuing a career in applied geophysics. Deadline: March 1

AWG Chrysalis Scholarship
Degree completion funding for women graduate students whose education has been interrupted for at least one year. Up to $2000. Deadline: Usually March 1

AGI Minority Participation Program
Minority students in the geosciences. Includes mentoring. Deadline: March 1

NAGT Far Western Section Scholarships
Undergrad, grad, and summer field course. Restricted to students in Hawaii, Nevada, or California. Deadline: March 1

AWG Susan Ekdale Memorial Scholarship
$1500 to defray summer field course expenses. Restricted to women students who are either attending college in Utah, or who are Utah residents. Deadline: March 28

AWG Penelope Hanshaw Scholarship
$500 scholarship to undergraduate or graduate students. Restricted to women in Delaware, Maryland, DC, Virginia, or West Virginia. Deadline: April 30

AWG William Rucker Greenwood Scholarship
$1000 scholarship to undergraduate or graduate students. Restricted to minority women in Delaware, Maryland, DC, Virginia, or West Virginia. Deadline: April 30

AWG Minority Scholarship
$5000 to an undergraduate minority woman. Deadline: June 30

Organizations with scholarship deadlines in the fall:
AWG Winifred Golding - paleontology
AWG Janet Cullen Tanaka - Washington state

Research grants for students
AAPG Grants-in-Aid
Research support for graduate students (MS and PhD). Deadline: January 31

Society of Economic Geologists Student Research Grants
Research support for graduate students (MS and PhD). Could also support "exceptional BS Honors or 'BS Titulo' projects." Deadline: February 1

GSA Graduate Student Research Grants
Support of MS and PhD research. Students can now only receive one grant as a MS student, and one as a PhD student (with some exceptions - check out the website). Deadline: February 1

GSA Northeastern Section Undergraduate Research Grants
Restricted to undergraduate students in the NE section of GSA. Deadline: February 28?

Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid of Research
Graduate student grants up to $1000. Students from any country may receive support. Deadline: March 15

Four Corners Geological Society Masters Grants
Grants for students working on MS theses related to geology of the Four Corners region. The application for this year isn't on the web site yet. If you have questions about this, you can ask me and I'll pass them on to the new officers. Deadline: April?

AWG Osage Chapter Scholarship
$500 grants to undergraduate women students at a college in the Osage Chapter area (~Kansas). Deadline: April 1

Mineralogical Society of America Grant for Student Research in Mineralogy and Petrology
Two awards of up to $5000 each. Graduate and undergraduate students can apply, and compete with one another. Deadline: June 1

Note: I found these by checking the websites of all the geoscience organizations that I could think of. There are probably many resources that I'm missing.


Owen said...

I am a geo graduate student and I have also noticed that the Four Corners website does not have the 2009 grant application up. I emailed some of the officers with questions and never got a response. Have you received any information regarding this? If you have, would you mind emailing me the information?

Kim said...

Owen -

I'll ask around and see what's going on this year. (I'm past-president, and I'm not involved in the day-to-day planning - and the scholarships are run by a separate committee, anyway.)