Thursday, June 26, 2008

Looking for a female roommate for GSA in Houston

I just got back from visiting family on the East Coast, and am digging through my work e-mails. One reminded me to register for the GSA annual meeting and book a hotel room, so I did. (Only four hotels still had rooms for the main meeting days!)

Are there women geologists out there who are interested in sharing a hotel room? I'll try to find a roommate through AWG as well, but I figured that there may be women geo-bloggers (or lurking readers) who need roommates as well.

You can send me an e-mail at shearsensibility AT gmail DOT com if you're interested.

(Also, GSA deadlines are really early this year, aren't they? First I nearly missed the abstract deadline, then I forget to book a hotel room early enough...)

Edit: Found somebody.


Tuff Cookie said...

I wish I was going to be there! Can't afford it this year (and it's probably bad timing since I'll just be starting grad school). Who schedules these things, anyway?

ScienceWoman said...

I'm not going this year, and the early deadline was a big part of it. I simply hadn't generated enough new data to write an abstract by June 3rd. Send me an email though, and I'll tell you about a listserv where you might be able to find a roomie.

Elli said...

I will be going (I even have a student with a poster!), so I look forward to seeing you :)