Thursday, November 8, 2007

That "number one on google" meme

I'm late to this meme, but I finally played the I rank number one on Google! meme (originated at The World's Fair).

And here are my results:

1. All of my faults are stress related
2. joy field work
3. structural geology wow
4. sound of mylonites
5. over-excited yeti

Didn't need to use quotes on any of them... which, I guess, implies that I use some unusual combinations of words. Though, really, it's kind of disappointing that "structural geology" and "wow" don't belong together all the time.

I mean...


Chuck said...

Someone rolled your feldspar

Kim said...

That was probably the most fun that feldspar had in its inanimate life, too.

GeologyJoe said...

good example. where was this?

Kim said...

I think I found that photo on google, actually. (Though I have a pencil that looks just like that... so it's entirely possible that I saw that on a field trip.)