Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More on the climate denial junk mail

Real Climate is putting together a Wiki debunking the "review article" included with the climate denial petition. If you've got expertise in any of the fields that have been messed up in the article, head over there and add your info to their project. (It's not my field, though I know enough to recognize misinformation.)

And if you've got colleagues who wonder what's going on with the petition, send them over there as well. Apparently geologists, biologists, engineers, and computer scientists at least were all targeted with this mail.

(Thanks, Brian, for pointing me to the link. But I'm curious - did the faculty in your department get this as well? Or did they avoid big-name research universities, and target those of us at small public colleges, community colleges, etc - people who have PhDs, but who have fairly small libraries and get a lot of papers via interlibrary loan, pdfs on author web sites, and so forth?)


BrianR said...

yes...faculty and instructors at my present large research university did indeed receive this mailing

John Van Hoesen said...

All our science faculty received this mailing... GMC is as you described, PhD's with limited access to Springer, Blackwell, etc. All interlibrary loan for anything newer than 2000 I think. However, I'm STILL in awe that they thought a single journal article would change anyone's mind, let alone folks who are trained to evaluate sources, identify assumptions, and never base a decision on ONE argument... Is that the difference between MD doctors and PhD doctors? I HOPE not. :)

Kim said...

I have no idea what they were thinking, John. I suspect that they're hoping to find some skeptics hiding some place.